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Advanced Dry Eye Institute

Welcome to The Advanced Dry Eye Institute which has been developed to use the latest diagnostic techniques and treatments for an underserved and under diagnosed population. It’s intent is to inform patients about an epidemic chronic ophthalmic condition which up to this point went unaddressed.

Dry eye is a condition which often goes undiagnosed and untreated, despite being a very prevalent and treatable disease. As the population ages, its prevalence is more than likely going to increase. Currently between 20 and 25 million Americans suffer from dry eyes. This includes 3.2 million women over the age of 50 and 15% of all Americans over age 65.

In order for our eyes to remain healthy, comfortable and give us clear vision, we must produce a normal quantity and quality of tears.  Dry eye can have a substantial impact on the daily activities of individuals with the disease. Individuals who suffer from dry eyes have problems performing important visual activities such as night driving, reading, computer use and television viewing. People who suffer from severe chronic dry eye tend to be less productive at work and enjoy certain leisure activities less.

Visit AllAboutVision.com for complete information on dry eye

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