Diabetic Eye Health Examinations

Diabetic-Retinopathy_lrDiabetics need to have yearly eye examinations at a minimum. These examinations give information as to how your diabetes is controlled and whether it is affecting the vessels of the eye. This will give information as to how other organs of the body are affected.  Through the use of instrumentation such as the Optos scanning laser and the HRT III, the doctors can more precisely evaluate the inside of your eye.

The vessels of the inner eye become affected when proper blood sugar control is not maintained. While diabetic eye disease affects a large percentage of those that suffer from diabetes, complications from these changes can be kept to a minimum with the proper monitoring and treatment. Some symptoms of vision loss due to diabetes include, but are not limited to: distorted vision while reading, hazy or cloudy vision, loss of a portion or all of the vision in one or both eyes, or simply decreased overall vision. Make your yearly appointment today.

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