Macular Degeneration

optos-largeAge-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a condition characterized by the deterioration of the macula, the central and most vital area of the retina.The macula provides the clearest, most distinct vision needed in reading, driving, seeing fine detail, and recognizing facial features, for example.

There are two forms of macular degeneration: atrophic (dry) and neovascular (wet). Both forms of the disease may affect both eyes simultaneously. Vision can become severely impaired, with central vision rather than peripheral vision affected. Risk factors for AMD include smoking, a family member with AMD, exposure to UV light, poor nutrition and low macular pigment density. AMD is the leading cause of irreversible visual impairment and blindness among Americans 65 and older. The average age of onset of visual loss is 75 years, but after the age of 50 the incidence steadily increases, with more than one third of people over the age of 90 affected.

The Eye Care Center is proud to offer Retina Glaucoma Cornea Analysis OCT SLO from Optos. This new technology will raise the standard of care that our patients receive and allow us to better track change over time of our glaucoma and macular degeneration patients. The technology will allow for more prompt referral for retinal surgery in the case of diabetic macular edema and conversion of dry ARMD to wet.

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