Comprehensive Eye Examinations

1000-3OPTOSUsing state of the art technology, the doctors and staff at The Eye Care Center obtain the most accurate prescription for your glasses. Through the course of the examination they will evaluate your complete ocular health and how it relates to your systemic health as well. Your examination will begin with testing performed by a technician including automated keratometry and refraction (measurements used by the doctor during your examination) as well as an Optomap retinal scan.

The Optomap retinal scan is a scanning laser that enables the doctor to view the retina (the inner lining of the back of the eye) without the need to use dilation drops, thus avoiding the light sensitivity and blurred vision the dilation drops often result in. Once with the doctor you will receive a thorough evaluation of your vision and ocular health. Should you require the need for visual correction you will be given various options to improve your vision including: spectacles, contact lenses, laser vision correction or possibly even contact lenses that correct your vision while you sleep. While all of these options are not suitable for every patient, the doctor will discuss all options that provide a healthy and effective correction tailored to your specific visual needs and lifestyle. Should there be any ocular health issues that need treatment; the doctor will also discuss the proper treatment options for your eyes.

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